Jaison Msipa – Jaison Msipa is a South Africa mixed media artist from Hammersdale, a township located about 30 minutes from the Durban city center. Msipa has a profound artistic talent, he is able work with a variety of different mediums including steel, wood, wire, paint, beading, weaving and other textiles. He claims to have acquired these traditional skills simply from learning from other artists; but one can-not doubt that he has creative knack for it! Jaison has a deep passion for the arts and is well respected by those whom he assists and teaches. Jaison can often be found selling his art work on the pavement outside of the Hillcrest post office; his beaded nguni cow trophies and abstract metal sculptures stand in sharp contrast to the neat urbanized concrete setting that is the small town of Hillcrest. Like many other African artists, Jaison’s inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty found in Africa, most of his work is centered around African wildlife, from warthogs to kudu’s, gemsbok and the big five. Jaison also focuses on animals more associated to his Zulu heritage, such as the Nguni cow, an animal which symbolizes wealth in South Africa and is often used as a form of dowry. Jaisons art work is of a high quality and carries deep thought and inspiration.

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