Sandile Jali – Sandile Jali is a South African artist who comes from the small rural community of Shongweni which lies on the outskirts of Durban, about 25 minutes from the city centre. Sandile is passionate Rusta who uses art to demonstrate is Rusta faith. Sandile’s preferred use of media is acrylic paints. Sandile paints from a place of deep spiritual inspiration. He claims his paintings are inspired by visions he received from God (Jah). Sandile uses a mix of landscapes as well as two dimensional figures and symbols to convey the harmony found between his faith and nature. Sandile will also often paint according to revelation found in the bible. Sandile’s ability to convey his faith through painting makes his work interesting and his use of symbolism helps draw intrigue as it provokes the interpretive capabilities of the viewer.

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